Adventure Pups of Da Yoop

Adventure Pups of Da Yoop

Exploring with an adventure pup goes hand and paw with life in da Yoop. Here are some pictures and bios of 8 Explore the UP adventure pups!

Cash: ETUP Adventure Pup of Marquette, MI

Name and or Nicknames: My name is Cash! My Dad named me after the awesome Johnny Cash. 

Owner:  Jordan Blahnik is my person. 

Hometown: I live in Marquette, Michigan with many other adventure pups! 

Breed: I'm a Yellow Lab male who has a lot of energy! 

Favorite Place to go on a Walk: I love to explore around Dead River Falls because I can splash in the river. 

Favorite Treat: Frosty Treats ice cream (for pups of course).

Favorite Toy:  Duck bumper, or any stick that my owner picks up in any situation.

Fun Facts: I'm a huge supporter of #exploretheup, and have even been paid to do photo shoots for the page. (my payment options included belly rubs and or dog treats.)

Paige: ETUP Adventure Pup of Hancock, MI

Name and Nicknames: Hi! My name is Paige but you can call me Paigey or Noodle Doodle or just P. 

Owner: My human is Chelsea Goodreau and she’s pretty swell. She buys me yummy treats and sometimes she even brings me to work with her! We’re best buddies. 

Hometown: I live in Hancock and love to go swimming in the Portage Canal and Lake Superior. 

Breed: I’m a female Goldendoodle that needs lots of haircuts. 

Favorite Place to go on a walk: I love when my mom takes me for walks in the woods! There are so many furry friends I can play with and so many yummy smells I can sniff! 

Favorite Treat: Bacon is my love language and I Love when Mom shares hers with me. 

Favorite Toy:  My favorite toy is a wishbone chewy because it makes cool cracking noises and tastes like chicken!  

Fun Facts: I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty smart, I know lots of cool tricks, and totally think I’m a human... I just don’t look like one. I love to make new friends and can play tag like it’s my job.

Daly: ETUP Adventure Pup of Escanaba, MI 

Name: Hello there, my name is Daly! 

Owner: My owner is Ryan Cavanaugh and he likes to go on many adventures with me. 

Hometown: I go back and forth between Escanaba and Kalamazoo. 

Breed: I'm a female German Shorthaired Pointer that likes to bird hunt! 

Favorite place to go on a walk: It is quite the hike but I love walking from Sugarloaf Mountain to Wetmore Landing on Lake Superior.

Favorite Treat: It is peculiar but I love broccoli. My owner says vegetables are good for you and it works for me because I just love the taste. 

Favorite toy: My stuffed spider toy from when I was a puppy has to be my favorite. 

Fun facts: I'm trained in birding and I love to Pheasant, Duck, Grouse, and Timberdoodle hunt around the State. I also love kittens, I'm photogenic, and am spoiled rotten dog because I get to sleep under a cozy blanket at night.

Rosie: ETUP Adventure Pup of Iron Mountain, MI

Name: Hiya, my name is Rosie! 

Owner: My person is Megan Milliron and she loves to take me on her adventures! 

Hometown: My hometown is Iron Mountain, Michigan. 

Breed: I'm a female Border Aussie who is fuzzy as can be! 

Favorite place to go on a walk: I'm not very picky in where I like to take my walks but I do love most parks. 

Favorite Treat: Although I look kinda funny eating it, I love peanut butter. 

Favorite toy: MY TENNIS BALL!

Fun facts: I have one blue eye and one brown! 

Charles: ETUP Adventure Pup of Manitowish Waters, WI

Name: My name is Charles Bartling but I can also be referred to as Sir Charles the Great. 

Owner: My person is Steven Bartling and he takes me all over the Keweenaw Peninsula! 

Hometown: My hometown Manitowish Waters Wisconsin but don't get all worked up about me being from Wisco I sure love da yoop, too!  

Breed: I'm a male English Cocker Spaniel. 

Favorite place to go on a walk: This is an easy answer, Copper harbor Hunters Point of course! 

Favorite Treat: Ice cream "Pup Cups" are quite tasty. 

Favorite toy: The neighbor dog's frisbee mostly. I feel like I'm living on the edge when I chew on another dogs toy. 

Fun facts: I am a shared family dog with my owner Steven and his parents. I get to let myself out of the house and take the path thru the woods down the lakeshore anytime I please! Free ranging between all of my family members is how I like to roll. I've got it made by having my food and water out all the time at both places and I also get to eat and sleep where ever I want (you might understand the name Sir Charles the great a bit more now). Spending time on the shores of Lake Superior, even in the winter is the best because I can crawl my way thru the snow and climb onto the ice mountains. 

Gracie: ETUP Adventure Pup of Trenary, MI

Name: They call me Gracie or sometimes Pigs 

Owner: My people are Shaun, Brittany and Landon McGillis!

Hometown: I live in Trenary home of Trenary toast! YUM!

Breed: I'm a female Australian Shepherd. 

Favorite place to go on a walk: Mostly anywhere, but I love roaming and running crazy around my yard! Back and fourth and back and fourth!  

Favorite Treat: I love most food. Pretty much anything can be a treat, hence the name Pigs. 

Favorite toy: I cherish my stuffed ducks, I have four of them, I carry and sleep with them! I also love taking my ducks outside with me to play. 

Fun facts: I like to grunt like a pig when I have a toy in my mouth. I zoom and do laps around my house when I need to let some extra energy out, I love to run crazy! Vacuums scare me along with the rain. I love my cat, she’s the greatest! I am gentle and a lover of all people. 

Pinto Bean: ETUP Adventure Pup of Houghton, MI 

Name: Pinto Bean

Owner:  My person is Hope Haumesser!

Hometown:  I am currently living in Houghton, Michigan! 

Breed: I'm a Mutt but my owner says that makes me unique. I am a male and have a pretty cute floppy ear.  

Favorite Place to go on a Walk:  I like to chase rocks at Gratiot River State Park. 

Favorite Treat: Some of my favorites are peanut butter and carrots! 

Favorite Toy: My mum's shoes! 

Fun Facts: I go by Dr. Bean, my degree is in proctology and I just learned how to swim this month! 

Riley Rae: ETUP Adventure Pup of Munising, MI

Name: Riley Rae 

Owner:  My people are the Inman/Sturgis Family

Hometown:  I am from Munising, MI! 

Breed: I'm a female mixed breed. My people used to think I was a spaniel/retriever mix, but after taking me to the vet, they felt I was more of a retriever/newfoundland mix. They call the USA the melting pot for a reason right? 

Favorite Place to go on a Walk:  I love to run in the woods with my Dad! He hikes
the trails and two tracks that surround our house and so do I! I also love playing with our
neighbor kids in our tiny six house subdivision.

Favorite Treat: The tail end of the peanut butter jar is heaven! I love it when the jar is
almost empty because who doesn't love a challenge. 

Favorite Toy: A partially split tennis ball is the best. 

Fun Facts: I am pretty calm most of the time but I definitely have my quirks.
I love to choose the highest area of foot traffic in the house because it seems to be the best place to lounge. I don't mind when everyone has to step around me. Despite the common misconception with dogs and mail-men/mail-women, the FedEx, UPS and US Postal service love me and bring me treats with the packages and mail they deliver! The best fact of all is that I am very loved by my family and am so glad they picked me up at UPAWS nine years ago!